This year between April 5-17, Fusion Canberra sent 11 people (5 leaders, 6 young people) along on the 15th Pilgrimage to Uluru.

It took a mammoth effort on the part of the young people, their families, the broader Fusion team and our valuable supporters and donors to raise the $16,500 needed to cover the costs.

However, again it was a life-changing experience for many, but it was also the toughest trip for many as some of the reality of what life is like for many young people today started to surface. The levels of trauma, mental illness, and medication regimes some young people need to manage every day is considerable.

Fusion is learning from this program continuously to improve the experience for the future.

When some of our pilgrims were asked what they enjoyed the most about the trip, these are some of their comments:

Meeting new people, and the aboriginals and learning about their home

Seeing our beautiful land and a deeper understanding of and connection with our Indigenous people

Meeting friends, eating, skinning the kangaroo, swimming, and laughing

Again we thank all those who took part and those who supported our pilgrims to get there in the first place.

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