Back in 2008 a local Friend of Fusion, Ross, generously donated his much loved 1988 Mitsubishi Magna to Fusion Canberra.

At the time, we had found ourselves without a Fusion car quite suddenly, so we put out the word that we were looking for a reliable car for some of our team members to get around town, drive to Sydney every couple months for a meeting or two, and tow a trailer every few months for a festival or event we might be part of.

Ross gave us a call and said we could have it. His offer was literally an answer to prayer.

He thought it might get us through a few years, as it was pretty old even then.

But it’s done 7 more good years serving the community through Fusion!

However, this week after taking it to a regular service at Kambah Car Care Centre (we highly recommend Sean and the team at Kambah Village), the writing was on the wall – too many things were needing replacing so it would cost thousands of dollars to keep it on the road.

So the time has come which we have been hoping to put off as long as possible – to decommission the old grey mare (or the Beast as she has been affectionately called from time to time) and look for another trusty ‘stead’.

So if you could help us by either making a donation toward our newly launched “car appeal” that would be fantastic.

Or better yet, if you know of a car yard that might be willing to donate / sponsor us (see our partners page for more info) with providing a car and putting their logo and business name all over it, that would be great!

We are hoping for a reliable car that is less than 10 years old, has a tow bar to tow a trailer, and ideally some roof racks to tie down festival equipment etc. Other than that we really don’t mind which make or model it is, as long as it’s as fuel efficient as possible and servicing and parts don’t cost the earth!

Donate to our Car Appeal now I know a possible new business sponsor
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