I’ve recently had the chance to meet Orliyah. Cool name isn’t it?! Orliyah is part of the Focus Christian lunchtime group with our chaplain Elley at Kaleen High.

Orliyah, what does your name mean?

It means “the lord is my light”, and it is a Hebrew name.

What year are you in?

I’m in year 8.

What is your favourite subject at school?

My favourite subject at school is probably sport, although I do love circus.

Why do you love coming to Focus?

I love coming to focus because the friendship, and the feeling is nice. Learning about God, and breaking down important, and confusing passages feels really good. I also enjoy coming up with a speech to present in front of the group, because that’s really good practice for life, and everyone is always really encouraging about it. So if I had to say three reasons why I love coming to focus I think it would be, learning about and investing into God’s word, the encouragement and friendship, and I love bringing other people to focus too. Because seeing them listen and learn about Gods word always brings a smile to my face.

What do you hope Focus could do in Kaleen?

I hope Focus could help people that don’t believe in Jesus believe in him, and be transformed into the person he wants them to be.

How can we be praying for you and for Focus?

Some great ways fusion can be praying for Focus is to help us invite new people, and it won’t just be a lunch group, but it will be a life changing event, and new people will come to know the one true God.

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