This year as part of the 30th Anniversary celebrations of Fusion’s work in Canberra, we’re inviting anyone who would like to encourage and send our dedicated team of volunteers a message of support.

This is also a way for those who have been impacted by Fusion’s work in Canberra over the last 3 decades to encourage those holding the baton now, to keep striving forward.

And it’s for those who were part of the last 30 years on the Fusion Canberra team, to share how they first got involved, and what was their contribution.

So if you fit any of the categories above, or you are simply glad Fusion’s in Canberra, please use the button below which will take you to the online form where you can submit your message and your piece of OUR history.

Thankyou for your encouragement!

The Fusion Canberra Team

Send Your Message of Support Here
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