You maybe wondering where our administration hub has moved to.Well we’re going to be at 490 Sulwood Drive for at least the next couple years, hopefully longer.Where is that exactly you may ask? Well it’s very easy to find – we’re leasing a small room in Eternity Church which is on the corner of the Tuggeranong Parkway and Sulwood Drive (the first set of lights as you enter Kambah).Check out our Contact page for a map.We’re enjoying getting to know the various staff who serve at Eternity Church, and thanks to our business sponsor IPC Solutions, our IT system is working fantastically, which means we’re connected to the outside world in many ways.So why not give Gillian, Brenton, Nathan, Ally or Anna a call on 6111 2959 or drop in? It’s best to call us to check if there’s someone in first though!2015-05-13 13.38.11 resized 2015-05-13 13.34.31 2015-05-13 13.39.18 resized

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