Sleep In Your Car took place in Mornington, Melbourne, Orange and Canberra, and our sleepers together raised over $40,000 for Fusion’s homelessness projects and services!!

At our Canberra event we had 32 people join us at Namadgi School. Thanks to MissionWorx (particularly James) for the once again eye-opening activities…the “choose your own adventure” was a highlight. Participants were faced with choices to make on someone’s behalf who was facing homelessness, all of whom we found out later were real life scenarios. We were placed in their shoes and saw the impact relationship breakdown, trauma & poor mental health can have on someone’s life. Together we raised just under $7500 to go towards MissionWorx & Fusion Canberra’s preventative youth work. Thanks to all those who were involved!!

A few thoughts from participants about what they learnt & appreciated (including some of my own ponderings..)

  • “I learnt that sometimes homelessness starts even when you don’t know its starting”
  • “That every situation is different and that you can’t judge every homeless person on the street”
  • “The sense of community on the night and knowing none of us were alone
  • How we take for granted that people know us and call us by our name (many who are homeless don’t have someone say their name for weeks on end! Imagine how this would feel)
  • Very often, those who find themselves without a home have choices to make that are between two “un-ideal” options. They have to choose which option is “less bad” even though both are bad. Its not black and white.
  • Often these choices need to made right after someone has experienced a trauma. This is the worst time and hardest time to make decisions as the “rational” part of the brain has mostly shut down…and they are often trying to make them alone. 
  • How quickly homelessness can happen when relationships break down.
  • I was sick at SIYC this year, and the thought went through my mind “maybe I should just go home”. I realised how I take for granted having this option! Also how many who sleep rough & are sick may never fully be better because of the conditions they live in.
  • There are many “hidden homeless” (couch surfers). Couch surfing may sound fun but it has a huge impact on someone’s mental health not having a place to call home and wondering how long they will have to actively look for places to stay each night.
  • How daunting the future would be if you didn’t have a daily routine. If each day was open ended, wondering around….
  • How much of a difference eye contact and a smile makes. It makes someone feel human”

Seeing Christians seeking to follow Jesus by loving vulnerable people, makes me see & know the character of our Father God. It shines his love, compassion and grace in a dark & broken world.
True home is in restored relationship with God. And it doesn’t cost a cent because Jesus paid the price on our behalf. He secures a future eternal home that cannot be taken away. What a hope in seemingly hopeless situations 


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