Hassa joined Fusion Canberra when he was 12 years old. Now, three years later, he has volunteered in many areas and learnt a lot. He spent most of his time volunteering in the Aquaponics section of Fusion Canberra because he was interested in gardening and wanted to be a gardener and maybe start a landscaping business someday.

As he was only 12 when he began volunteering, Hassa worked under the guidance of a youth worker. It wasn’t always easy because sometimes they clashed and disagreed about things.

This also helped Hassa and his supervisor grow because they were both committed to “building people up, helping them grow, because they matter”.

“When I started at Fusion, I was very shy” Hassa said. “I am definitely a lot more confident now”.

Hassa credits his confidence to meeting people from all walks of life at Fusion and talking to people of all ages.

Unlike many other 15 year olds who mainly talk to kids their own age and rarely talk to adults except for members of their own family, Hassa relates well to everyone both young and old. He is also very interested in current affairs and the world around him.

Now that the Aquaponics section of Fusion Canberra is winding up, Hassa has joined the Community Education Program as a peer mentor. He is spending his time in both the Hospitality and Basics of Sound Engineering streams.

Hassa is not afraid of taking on new challenges. He is also a peer leader on the Breakout Youth Adventure Daytrips with Mark and Jeremy, and has joined the Breakout organising team.

Good on you Hassa !!!  Credit also goes to Hassa’s mum who tirelessly and faithfully brings him in each week.


Hassa volunteered mainly in Aquaponics (when he was younger)

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