With the great people at Endure Web Studios coming on board to revamp our website, this is a good time to think about what we can do with our website. As well as using it as a way to keep people updated on what’s happening at Fusion Canberra, how we’re engaging with the community, and how you can get involved, we thought that our new website would also be a great opportunity to get people thinking.

As you might know, Fusion’s goal is to bring young people and their community together with hope. So, over the coming months we’re going to be posting some musings which will encourage you to think about how you can help us with our goal in your local context. We’ll be putting up some musings which will hopefully get you thinking, that will help you see your life, your community and your own unique value as an individual differently.

The first post – What do you focus on? – is already up: we hope you have time to check it out. We’d love to hear what you think, please leave comments so that we can have a conversation, and if you feel inspired to write something for us please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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