The good news:

“Recent data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show how the Government’s programs are working to address homelessness and highlight how much progress we have made in five years. On Census night, there were 142 fewer people homeless in the ACT than in 2011.  That is a decline of 8% over a period in which the population of the ACT grew by more than 11%. The national trend in homelessness saw an increase by more than 13%. This means that the ACT bucked the national trend. The ACT now has the fourth lowest rate of homelessness of all Australian jurisdictions at 40.2 homeless persons per 10,000 head of population”

The bad news:

“But there is another area of the Census data where more work needs to be done – rough sleepers. The 2016 census data shows that there has been an increase in rough sleepers from 28 in 2011 to 54 in 2016.  While the ACT still has the lowest rate of rough sleepers in Australia, this is a substantial increase. Rough sleeping is a type of homelessness where you are living on the street and sleeping in places that are not designed to be slept in”

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This year we will be taking part again in our Annual “Sleep in Your Car” event, partnering with MissionWorx to grow our understanding of homelessness & our ability to show the love of Jesus to those who don’t have a home. Come join us!

Save the date: Saturday night August 11th. Stay tuned for more details…


Morning after SIYC 2017…

All set for the night SIYC 2017…

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