2015-04-07 13.00.06As of today, we are now settled in our new office at Eternity Church in Kambah (490 Sulwood Drive, next to the Fire Station).Thanks to some fantastic efforts by the team of volunteers who rocked up on Tuesday morning, we got most of the moving done before the rain started in earnest around lunchtime… although a few of the team did get quite wet unloading some items we’re planning to sell on gumtree or maybe a garage sale.So we’re upstairs at Eternity Church at the top of the stairs, at least for the next few weeks until our more permanent room is completed on the ground floor and we do a short little move down there!So thank you to John M, John B, Naomi, Mordechai, Saki, Eli, Caleb, Claire, and Nathan for all your time and efforts. It was good fun too!Thank you also to Mark Raymond, Senior Pastor at Eternity Church for all the assistance in negotiating for us to move to your church. We look forward to continuing partnerships.You’re welcome to come and visit us in our new office – just give us a bell 6111 2959 first or email canberra@fusion.org.au.Looking forward to this next chapter.

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