Last Saturday, 5 churches in Lyons worked together across denominational lines to give a free gift to their community.

It was a fantastic day, despite the cloud cover and frequent drizzle, and still 80 people from across the churches in Lyons gave up their saturday to serve their community.

It was lovely to see the Samoan Christian Church share their love for dancing, cricket, touch footy and getting in amongst things.

The team from St Albans took good care of hot and cold refreshments as well as ran a Chess Tent which went off really well.

Immanuel Lutheran took care of the BBQs, a Toddler Play Area, a Kids carpentry tent which was very popular and several other aspects.

The Chinese Methodist Church team gave us a great Chinese Food tent with so much variety of food including ice cream!

Lyons Church of Christ team painted many faces, shared Easter crafts and connected with many people.

All in all the team worked very well together and for those who came from the local community there was often the question “who’s putting this on?” and when they heard it was churches working together they were positively impacted.

There is a celebration time this Saturday from 12noon till 3pm at Immanuel Lutheran Church (37 Burnie St, Lyons) to which anyone is invited. Stories will be shared, we’ll get to look at the photos taken and maybe even some early edited video footage.

Thank you to all the volunteers and the churches for showing such great leadership in the Lyons community to share the true spirit of Easter in such an engaging and community building way.





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