On Tuesdays, Mark runs Breakfast Club at Melrose High. He leaves home before 7am so that he can pick up groceries like juice, flour, paper plates, pancake syrup, eggs and  donated items such as bread and fruit.

He also picks up volunteers who need a lift to Breakfast Club. Fusion Canberra are very grateful to our volunteers and our sponsors, because without them, much of our work couldn’t continue.

Breakfast club is very intensive as between 80 – 120 very hungry students come through the door in the morning before school.181010_546055218749538_681261717_n

Milos have to be made, juices poured, pancakes made, bread toasted, fruit cut and all that within less than an hour.

Mark also sees his job as being there to connect with the kids which is not always easy considering the amount of work there is to be done.

After breakfast, the cleaning up begins, followed by a debrief on how things went and a new shopping list is made for next week.

After recess on Tuesdays, Mark assists with a young men’s art group where they talk about identity and what it means to be a young male in today’s world.2012-11-14-10.41.37

This is followed by a lunchtime Christian group called JAM that Mark facilitates.

JAM stands for Jesus at Melrose and it is where they play games, eat food and talk about what it means to be a Christian.

He is assisted by volunteers from Eternity church in Kambah and St Georges Anglican Church in Pearce.20140729_084533

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A Week in the life of a Youth Worker : Weds and Thurs.

If you would like to help us continue the position of Schools Worker (which includes the dual roles of  School Chaplain and Student Welfare Worker) next year, please consider seriously giving us a donation or becoming a regular donor.


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