You may remember Jackson and Ellie from A Pilgrim’s Story Jackson and Ellie Part I and their struggle to raise funds for both of them to be able to go on the Pilgrimage to Uluru 2014.

After much fund-raising and believing they were seeing God’s hand play a part in their efforts, Jackson and Ellie finally had enough funds for both of them to go on the Pilgrimage to Uluru 2014.

The trip was a time of growth for both Jackson and Ellie. Both of them encountered a range of situations that challenged their patience, their relationship, their view of themselves and their view of others around them.

Ellie got the chance to share her story on the last day of the trip. This was very moving, very relevant and helpful to a lot of the other girls on the trip. During this time, Jackson was able to apologise to Ellie for letting her down in the past. This allowed Jackson and Ellie to approach their relationship with a fresh start and they are closer now because of it.

One of the biggest challenges for Jackson was on the last few days of the trip when Ellie was called several hurtful names during what was supposed to be a time of encouragement. Ellie was understandably hurt and Jackson was very angry at a few boys that he suspected had written these put downs. This was a great chance for Jackson to show his maturity in the way he dealt with the situation and the way that he cared for his sister.

Coming back from the trip, the journey continues for Jackson and Ellie. Just recently they put their hands up to become volunteer leaders at their local youth community centre.

We are so proud of you guys, Jackson and Ellie !

If you would like to be part of this life changing journey to the heart of our great country or if you would like to make a donation so that a young person can make this journey, please register your interest.


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